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About the PSUAC

About the PSUAC...

 Our Purpose

Consistent with the institutional mission of The Pennsylvania State University, the Pennsylvania State University Athletic Conference, PSUAC, strives for excellence by offering all students model programs to develop meaningful standards of scholarship, athletic performance, leadership, community service, ethics, and sportsmanship within the institution’s educational and social environments. The PSUAC is committed to creating a climate for students and staff that reflects diverse values and needs; fosters an appreciation of a multicultural human society; assures equal access to opportunities without regard to personal characteristics or ability, and seeks greater involvement with an increasingly interdependent world.


Our Vision

The vision of the Penn State Athletic Conference is to maintain a broad based competitive intercollegiate athletic program that recruits and retains high quality student athletes at the PSU campuses. The PSUAC will encourage individual excellence and the esteem that follows; will achieve that most favorable graduation rate possible for students athletes; will aid in the social preparation of young people for the diverse world that are about to enter; will create an awareness of public service and the importance of participation in community outreach; will provide recreational facilities and opportunities to address every interest area and to entertain the university student body and staff, alumni and fans with a consistently high level of competition that does not compromise the integrity which has characterized the Penn State program from it’s inception.


Our Core Values

Integrity – Honor – Respect – Tradition – Family

-          Core Values reflect those principles that serve as the measure of success- regardless of the outcome on the field.

-          Core values define who we are, not how we did.

-          Core values are those attributes that, whether experiencing the highest high or the lowest low, will not be compromised or abandoned.

Strategic Goals

These 11 goals reflect our commitment to “Success with Honor” and provide our daily focus as we strive to advance and continue to grow, excel and achieve as an athletic department:

1.      Achieve and encourage Academic Excellence that upholds our tradition as a national and conference leader.

2.      Maintain a system that continues to Recruit and Retain student athletes to our campus.

3.      Develop nationally competitive athletic teams that perform with integrity and earn distinction for Athletic Success.

4.      Offer Broad-Based participation opportunities for students, faculty and staff in diverse athletic and recreational programs.

5.      Establish and execute a Communications plan that enhances our brand.

6.      Engage student-athletes and athletic department staff in Community Service activities that strengthen University and community relations.

7.      Achieve and encourage Academic Excellence by providing student athletes with a Penn State academic education close to home with the option of doing a 2 + 2 (2 years at PSU campus + 2 years at U Park Campus)

8.      Foster Diversity and create an environment of Inclusion.

9.      Operate athletic facilities and events in an environmentally responsible manner consistent with the University’s leadership in Environmental Stewardship.

10.  Maintain our approach to financial management by demonstrating Fiscal Responsibility while providing resources for all programs.

11.  Sustain our commitment to Title IX and equitable treatment of all student-athletes.